I am honored by the amount of support we’ve had from the Bellingham and Seattle community for our upcoming fundraiser and silent auction. I am astonished by how easily people gave and I want to give a shout out to all of our supporters:

I would first like to thank our event sponsor, WECU, for relieving the financial stress of hosting a fundraiser!

Secondly, thanks to Robert Lanphear that we have our great event poster!

Food Donations:

Desire Fish Company – Enough Pink Salmon to feed all sixty of our guests

Bellingham Community Co-Op – For a gift certificate to purchase ingredients


The Lakeway Whole Foods – A gift certificate to purchase ingredients

Meg’s Veg Box – Onions!

Kombucha Town – A keg of kombucha

Aslan Brewery – Who would have donated a keg to the event if we had gotten the right permit, but who instead donated a gift certificate for our auction!

Kulshan Brewery – Who also would have donated a keg to the event if we had gotten the right permit, but who instead donated a gift certificate for our auction!

Grocery Outlet – Wine donations for our ring toss prizes!

Pure Bliss Desserts – A delicious naturally gluten-free Belgian chocolate cake

Silent Auction:

Flow Motion Tours – A three hour mountain mike tour for up to three people through Bellingham trails!

Aexis & Alexis Maurer – A three night stay for up to five guests in Coco, Costa Rica in a beautiful condo only a five minute walk from the beach! The condo is nestled in a safe, small and private community and has a great pool, with a panoramic view of the sea!

For more info, visit: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2857023

Caleah Dean – This beautiful upcycled necklace is handcrafted in Seattle from re-purposed freshwater pearls, taurine, aquamarine, polished black spinel, Swarovski crystal, and with a sterling silver chain.

Adrienne Beattie – A 2 hour Structural Medicine message therapy session with Intern Structural Medicine Specialist, Adrienne Renee. The Institute of Structural Medicine is considered the most advanced and comprehensive of structural integration training programs available. It is the perfect balance of holistic and traditional western approaches to physical therapy. It assesses and treats each person’s unique patterns in function and structure with the use of visual and movement education in standing posture and with record of Myo-Fascial Length Testing (MFLT) results (which test the range of motion for any given muscle). Expect to learn a lot about your body, movement and posture in this session!

Abby Kuchar – This local artist (and a Growing Alliances board member) has donated a gislee print of one of her striking oil paintings of the WWU Outback Farm.

The Global Merchant – Donated handmade pieces from both the City of Accra, in the Volta Region of Ghana and from Solo, Indonesia. We are happy to include a large hand crafted drum:

A smaller drum decorated with carvings:

A hand carved dragon moncala game:

Two Ghanaian hand carved masked:

Two beautiful wooden statues:

An stylish and functional deck furniture set (has been stained since this photo was taken)(p.s. cat is not included):

Good Earth Pottery – Handmade bowl donated by Ann Marie Cooper

Sojourn Jewelry and Clothing – A red purse, sterling silver earrings, and daisy scarf

Beecher’s Cheese – Colossal Cut of Handmade Cheese

Social Fabric – Vegan and cruelty free purse made in Canada

Olivia Raster Art

Zach Thompson Art

Downtown Emporium –  Cloth bag, change purse, flower scarf, hair pins, seed pod prayer beads

Nook Collective – These inspired Bellingham craftsmen are donating hand made re-purposed cutting boards and a children’s desk! I’m so excited for you all to see their pieces!

Hohl Feed and Seed – They have donated lots and lots of seeds!

Mod Socks – Contributed some hilarious garden themed socks!

Third Planet – Candles and moon night lights

The Garden Spot – 2 Growoya Waterers

WSU Master Gardener Program – A master gardener’s course

Exact Science Lab – Soil Test

Sandra Fischer – The Authentic Gardener: Naturalistic and Contemporary Landscape Design

Jade Flores – Handmade dress

Christian Liester – Noonday Jewelry

Gift Certificates:

Brandywine Kitchen

Mallard’s Ice Cream

Canlis – We received a $300 gift certificate!!

EAT Restaurant & Bar

Backcountry Essentials – 1 Ski Tune

Arne Hana – 25 two for one coupons

Community Boat Center – 4 hours of human powered boating

Vital Climbing Gym – 5 day climbing pass

 Sandalwood Spa – Eyelash Extension

Pickford Film Cinema – 1 year membership, two free entrance coupons, one free popcorn

There will be very few tickets at the door so please purchase online at growingalliances.org/events