Meet Our Team

Kali Crow-Liester

Executive Director

About Kali

Kali Crow graduated from Fairhaven College with a degree in Food Security and Environmental Resilience, which concentrated on how to use urban agriculture as a tool to address social and environmental justice. After working full-time on organic farms, Kali became actively involved with Bellingham community gardens when she started volunteering with the WSU Community First Garden Project. Kali worked as the Lead Garden Educator for Lydia Place and for Northwest Youth Services’ WeGrow Garden in 2016.

Roger Schuettke

Program Manager

About Roger

Roger has extensive experience working with both adults and children who suffer from PTSD, including foster youth. His mother grew up as a foster child, and his grandparents have raised multiple foster children. Roger is graduating from Fairhaven College in June 2017 with a concentration titled, Designing Culture: Integrating Somatic and Flow Psychology into Social Organizations, and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. His interdisciplinary degree merges studies of cultural anthropology, developmental psychology, and organizational leadership.

Beth Chisholm

Board Member

Bonnie Schultz-Lorentzen

Board Member

Abby Kuchar


About Abby

Abby Kuchar is from Albuquerque, New Mexico where she was raised on a small family farm. While in high school, Abby started a community service group that harvested and delivered fresh produce to a local homeless shelter for women and children. Since then, Abby has worked on multiple farms, including as Assistant Coordinator of the Outback Farm on Western’s campus. Currently, Abby is pursuing her Fine Arts degree from Western Washington University with a primary focus on environmental art.

Jade Flores

Board Member

About Jade

For over a decade, Jade had been working in the natural foods and farming sector across the nation, her most recent work in the Pacific Northwest, where she studies food and food systems work. Jade is active in working and volunteering with community groups involved in enhancing the local food economy in Whatcom County, Washington, and is especially passionate about the cooperative business model. Jade will soon have her B.A. in Food Systems and is actively pursuing her Master’s in Public Administration.

Heather Tiszai


About Heather

Heather has been working with youth and gardening for over a decade and is passionate about teaching kids how to get along and grow. Heather received a BA in Geology with an emphasis on Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston in 1997. After college, she pursued a somewhat nomadic lifestyle alternately working as a seed saver on farms and an environmental educator on sailboats, learning how to live simply and teaching others how to appreciate all of nature’s bounty. She finally settled down in Bellingham, WA to raise a family and eat lots of kale. Heather is currently the Gardening Teacher and Program Coordinator at Whatcom Hills Waldorf School.

We are currently building our Board of Directors.  We are seeking a lawyer who can offer legal advice and services and who is interested in making lasting contributions towards sustainable communities. We also want folks who are adaptable and enjoy a good laugh.  If you want to join our efforts, please contact us here.